Monday, July 18, 2011

As many of us see, the times they are quickly changing.

We at Reclaimed Innovations are striving
to keep on the tip of these changes.

As more and more general 'handymen' seem to be buying fancy new trucks, calling themselves contractors, and attempting to capitalize on every last penny this unsustainable system has to offer,

we... have come to see things a little differently.

We see the course that has been laid for societal growth has long been over-reaching it's boundaries, and although it seems to be full of *new* savory GREEN options, it is nonetheless built upon a foundation which is in need of much greater repair.
We see that the time has come to re-evaluate just how we are living and “sprucing-up” our daily lives.

We have decided to launch a different type of renovation company from the conventional, attempting to dig-up and pay respect to old-time building ethics that were readily employed prior to this fast-paced industrialized way. Build with uncompromising quality, yet hold your trade as your art. Be creative. Dare to see outside the box of modern building conventions.
Dare to see value in old usable goods and don't allow yourself to be paralyzed by fear of unsurmountable labor costs.
Yes, this does take time, and yes, time is money,
and so to allow for the time required for this unique process, we have devised a creative approach: build with waste.
Allow the design to evolve organically within budget through a delicate balance of labor vs creative sourcing of materials.
Build site specific, material specific and cost specific.

We call ourselves Reclaimed Innovations
not only for our creative work
with old reclaimed building materials, but also because
we are actively working
to reclaim our right to creatively innovate.
Reclaiming the ways and ethics of past generations,
the value of re-using
as much as possible